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Crypto 2 Card

You can convert any cryptocurrency to our Master Card and withdraw in any ATM around the world.

We charge a very minimal fees for the activation of the card and every transactions. The currency rate is based upon XE exchange rates.

why choose us

Crypto 2 Card

Easy Usage

After receiving the card, you will be able to use it just like a regular debit card. With the Global Cash MasterCard, you can withdraw funds from any ATM machine, and make purchases (online and in store) wherever MasterCard® is accepted in your local currency.

Loading Methods

You can loan your Card using cryptocurrencies in the market. For loading money in the card, the current XE price will be applied. The Money in the card will be always in USD. Our transaction charges are very minimal when compared with most of the debit cardsl

Online Support

Our team will provide you email support 24 x 7. If you have any doubts Our Support Team will help you through Email.

IT Management

We have a well trained IT department which can provide you instant help at any time of the day. Please feel free to contact us.


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why choose us ?

01. Research

We do research in Crypto currencies and Global Exchanges in Cryptocurrency. So we bring you the best.

02. Plan & Works

Our team of experts always plan accordingly and work according to the plans in top notch.

03. Result & Success

We have proven our success in the past four years in the field of cryptocurrency.

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Our skills ?

Strategy 80%
Customer Support 70%
Planning 90%
Finance 75%
Marketing 85%